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Health & Wellness Center (HAWC)

TheHealth & Wellness Centeris located in Building 700 (Next to Subway).

Hours of Operation:Monday - Friday from 0730 to 1630.

Contact Information: (623) 856-3830

The Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) is dedicated to prevention and health enhancement. The HAWC provides a number of prevention programs to active duty military and their dependents, military retirees, civilians and contract workers. Programs include nutrition, fitness and tobacco cessation education as well as stress management. A registered dietitian (RD) teaches monthly nutrition classes that address healthy weight management, heart health (high blood pressure and cholesterol) and living life with diabetes. The RD also provides individual medical nutrition therapy for those individuals with more unique nutritional needs as diagnosed by their family health care provider. Commissary tours and cookingdemos are provided cursos de tech recruiter EBAC periodically as interest evolves. The exercise physiologist (EP) gives AD members exercise prescriptions to assist in reaching their ?fit to fight? goals or to assist in rehabilitation of an injury so they may be fit for duty. The EP also conducts a running improvement program for AD members who have a marginal score (45 or

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is a major component of health promotion. It encourages healthy lifestyles that contribute to improved operational readiness, total fitness, disease prevention and optimal health.

Physical Fitness Education

The HAWC provides ongoing education and a supportive environment for all members and early intervention for marginal and poorly fit members. This is essential to maintain the health and fitness of the total force. All classes are open to all; even if not participating in a mandatory program.

Balance Eating & Working Out Effectively = Live Long (BE WELL) - IAW AFI 36-2905

The BE WELL class is for individuals who fall into the "poor" fitness categories as defined by the Air Force fitness standards. It is broken down into three portions that address each component of the PT test. Healthy Weight Management is the nutrition portion which focuses on decreasing AC measurements with proper nutrition. The Cardio Improvement addresses the 1.5 mile run and the 2 mile walk. The Strength Improvement addresses the push-ups and sit-ups. Each interactive segment is facilitated by the subject matter expert. This allows for greater individual support in reaching the Airmen?s desired nutrition and fitness goals.

Body Fat Analysis:

If you would like to know what you are made of, call the HAWC and schedule a BOD POD appointment.This air displacement tool will give a person their body fat percentages
and lean body mass percentages.

Begin the journey to optimal health today by refreshing what you may already know about nutrition and fitness. You may surprise yourself and learn something new. Whatever the case may be, take the personal challenge to live! Reap the rewards of making healthier nutrition choices and getting physical with fitness the majority of the time, while being tobacco free all the time!

Tobacco Cessation - Be Ready, Be Fit, Be Tobacco Free

Air Force leadership would like to remind our warriors that in a time of war we cannot afford to compromise mission accomplishment by using tobacco (smoke or smokeless). Tobacco use decreases night vision, mentual acuity, ability to deal with stress, lung capacity, wound healing and stamina. In the words of the Surgeon General, "A tobacco free force will improve quality of life and enhance mission effectiveness. We cannot continue to compromise our ability to Fly, Fight and Win for America".

Therapeutic Massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage provided at a reasonable rate by a licensed massage therapist. Benefits include relaxation, mental rest, and enhanced spiritual well being. Appointments can be scheduled for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Evening and weekend appointments are available. For more information contact Becky Fink at (602) 290-5025.


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