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Family Advocacyis located on the second floorin Building1130 (Hospital).

Hours of Operation: AppointmentsscheduledMonday -Friday: 7:30 am - 4: 30 pm.

Contact Information:(623) 856-3417

Family Advocacy Staff

CaptAngela Cusimano

Ms. Kim Montero

Mr. James Yang-Hellewell

Ms.Kerry Lynn Cordier

Ms.Mary Koehl



Family Advocacy Officer

Family Advocacy Treatment Manager

Family Advocacy Outreach Manager

Family Advocacy Nurse

Family Advocacy Intervention Specialist

Family Advocacy Treatment Manager

Family Advocacy Victim Advocate

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The Family Advocacy Program has a wide variety of services designed to promote curso de powerpoint healthy and happy military families. We support you by emphasizing skills to assist in preventing or resolving relationship conflicts, improving communication, and expanding your skills as a parent.

We aspire to build resilient, healthy military families and communities by giving you the skills needed to resolve family challenges and cope with frustrations in your home.

Services Provided:

Maltreatment Intervention Services -

  • Accepts child/spouse maltreatment referrals and reports.
  • Provides counseling/advocacy for victims of domestic abuse.
  • Provides individual, family, couples and group counseling.
  • Conducts a State Certified Batter's Intervention Program focusing on power and control dynamics.
  • Completes family maltreatment assessments.
  • Provides intervention services/mental health classes.
  • Offers parenting and anger management classes.
  • Liaison for military families and child protection investigations

Stop the Cycle of Violence. Be EmpoweredThrough Advocacy.

    Domestic Violence Victim Advocate-

    • Provides emotional support and safety planning to victims.
    • Offers explanation of Restricted and Un-Restricted Reporting options related to adult maltreatment.
    • Works to empower the victim, offering options that allow victims to make their own decisions.
    • Provides identification and referrals to on and off base resources.
    • Assists with civilian protection orders.

        New Parent Support Program-

        Provides voluntary education and support to expectant families with children 0-3 through home visits, office visits, telephone consultations and classes with a registered nurse.

        Home visits are personalized in the privacy and comfort of your home. Each visit is customized to meet your needs. Planned topics include:

        • Stages of pregnancy
        • Labor and delivery
        • Breastfeeding tips
        • Coping with crying
        • Developmental milestones
        • Effective discipline
        • Toilet training

          These supportive and invitinggroups are also offered:

          • Stepping Stones
          • Playgroup
          • Dads: The Basics
          • Terrific Toddlers

          Outreach Services -

          • Develops, implements & markets primary/secondary prevention programs and activities to educate and heighten awareness.
          • Provides training to military community organizations on the prevention andidentification of family maltreatment.
          • Identifies and maintains connections to on and off base resources.
          • Liaison to civilian community regarding FAP services.
          • Conducts seminars on building healthy relationships related to couples' communication, child/adolescent issues and parenting.
          • Responsible for marketing and increasing knowledge of AF Resiliency.

          If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at (623) 856-3417.

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