The Paranormal Show


(Cabinet of Wonders)

Welcome to a completely NEW form of Entertainment!

The Paranormal Show is a Spectacular assortment of Supernatural feats that will make you question everything you thought you understood about REALITY. Created by Scott McClelland the man behind Canada's Premiere Sideshow 'Carnival Diablo' , The Paranormal Show takes the Strange and Bizarre to new heights. 

Scott McClelland is a Parapsychologist and a harbinger of lost secrets, together you will take a journey down the rabbit hole as he explores the weird and exotic world of the Supernatural. Join Scott as he opens the doors to his Wunderkammer,

a 17th Century Cabinet of Wonders.


Once the doors of the Wunderkammer are opened... anything is possible!

Loaded with audience participation and laughs galore, this show is a unique experience for everyone. Mind-boggling  mysteries abound... you may have paid for an entire seat... but you'll  just be using the edge of it during the Show!

Is it REAL?  You be the judge!

The Paranormal Show has been showcased on The Discovery Channel, TLC, and A&E. This is the only Show of its kind!
Never on any stage has such a vast assortment of Metaphysical Feats been attempted!

        It's time to experience the Wunderkammer...

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