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"McClelland's patter is intelligent and wry, full of anachronistic quips and musings on Quantum physics and the fallacies of Victorian Science."
Christopher Wilson, EYE Magazine

"...extremely intriguing, providing an outlet for the illogical fantasies we all have."
Jerry Ciring, The Calgary Gazette

"McClelland is pure showman!"
Thane Burnett, The Toronto SUN

"Excellent, unbelievable! It has panache and flair, I'm breathless."
John Oakley, The John Oakley Show

'...breathtaking, gorgeously strange, not just a show but an encounter with something wicked and beautiful."
Pat Cadigan (author of 'Synners' and 'Fools')

I must congratulate Scott McClelland for having produced such an original concept involving magic, mysticism, clairvoyance and telepathy into a highly entertaining context.
Reveen The Impossiblist

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