Paranormal Close Up

Sometimes you don't want or need a full production; you simply want your guests to be entertained. Scott brings the energy of his stage performances to his parlour magic show, while providing a far more intimate feel.

Scott's parlour magic show is a combination of mentalism, magic, and light humour. His interactive, highly-entertaining show is well suited to a number of different events. For example:

   1.    Magic can be a wonderful addition to wedding (or civil union) receptions. It can be an excellent ice-breaker for guests who may not know each other, and can easily become a part of the event's entertainment.

    2.    Scott's parlour magic show makes for excellent after-dinner entertainment at corporate banquets.

  3.    Trade shows can be fiercely competitive- give prospective clients something to remember you by: an eye-catching display of live entertainment!

    4.    Have event ideas of your own? Contact us for a custom solution based on your event needs!​

Whether the event is a small, intimate event or a large corporate function, gala, or trade show, Scott will thrill your guests with his compelling, spell-binding magic.​


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