The Paranormal Show - A Victorian venture into the unknown - Killer Works Magazine

By: Miguel Gallego

Scott McClelland, the visionary fiend behind the Carnival Diablo sideshow, is back with a spellbinding new old show. Firmly set in Victorian era style, The Paranormal Show is a collection of dramatic demonstrations of psycho kinesis, retro cognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, and not-so-plain-old mind over matter. Well, that’s your cue Mr. Ripley. Believe it, or not.

On entering the theatre you can visit the Emporium of the Unusual, a free exhibit of several macabre curios from Scott’s personal collection. All I can say is, “Cool stuff. More please.”

The show has finally found an ideal venue in the upstairs cabaret of Toronto’s Diesel Theatre. If you saw the show during last fall’s tour of larger regional theatres you owe it to yourself to see it anew in this intimate 110-seat room. The difference is M. Night and Doris Day. This cosier setting better resembles a Victorian parlour, where the prophets of the paranormal held court. Now unencumbered by a microphone, McClelland’s alter ego and show host Vladimir Eisengrim commands the audience with his powerful voice, dramatic presence, and wry humour.

While the Victorian-style presentation remains strong, the show’s content has improved since the road trip show that I last saw. There is still plenty of audience interaction, with much awe coming from the disbelieving participants themselves. One memorable moment during the preview show occurred when a spirit failed to materialize as expected, yet the untouched volunteer on stage felt an eerie chill and a tug on her hair. Hmmm? Casper? Is that you?

Whether you believe it or not, even the sceptics in the crowd found The Paranormal Show to be different fare and most entertaining. Spooky, eh? With so much evil weirdness on its stage, they should rename it the Devil’s Playhouse. I can just see the flaming marquee…



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