He Gives You The Heebie-Jeebies

by Chris Clay

Scott McClelland wants to transport his audience back to the 19th century, when people were a bit more believing.

McClelland, you see, is a showman. He loves the period when entertainers such as Harry Houdini criss-crossed the continent, wowing audiences with amazing and sometimes unbelievable feats. While Houdini was known for making people disappear, McClelland likes to give his audience the heebie-jeebies. So, expect all manner of the other-worldly when he brings The Paranormal Show to Meadowvale Theatre this Friday.

Included in the performance will be demonstrations of clairvoyance, psychokinesis, telepathy and intuition. In one bit, McClelland will play a modified version of the deadly game Russian Roulette, using thick spikes covered in brown bags and his hand.

However, McClelland is quick to point out everything he does is strictly for the audience's entertainment. "This is, without a doubt, a theatre show," said McClelland, who has performed extensively with the Carnival Diablo production. "The costumes, the sets and even the backdrop are from a time when people such as Houdini were working. We're trying to revive that feeling. People seem to love the paranormal, but don't get to see it. The show poses lots of questions and should tickle people's fancies because it deals with the unknown." Enjoying the show is a matter of perspective. McClelland compared it to being caught up in a fantasy film.

"I'm not professing to be a sage or a medium, but the show is designed to be a strong look at what these shows would be like during the height of the spiritualist movement," he said. "But we also want you to leave feeling like a child and in awe of things again."

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