On Stage: The Paranormal Show - EYE Magazine Feb. 22, 2008

By Philip Brown

Editorial Rating: 4 out of 5

The Paranormal Show transports audiences back to the traveling sideshows and magic acts of the early 1900s. Hosted by Scott McClelland under the ominous pseudonym Vladimir Eisengrim, the performance consists of a series of old-fashioned illusions presented as supernatural occurrences. The show includes hypnotism, mentalist routines, the swallowing of razorblades and other  paranormal experiments. McClelland chages the way we look at magic and mentalism as he enhances it with atmospheric techniques lifted from horror movies (moody lighting, sinister sound effects, brooding music, etc.) and the performance benefits from McClelland’s commanding stage presence and wry manner. In the hands of such a natural showman, the piece is constantly entertaining and appropriately creepy.

McClelland is a veteran of the sideshow world, having created the acclaimed Carnival Diablo and trained a variety of illusionists and sideshow performers. His experience and respect for the trade are obvious in The Paranormal Show, which updates traditional acts for contemporary audiences.

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