Coming Soon: The Paranormal Show - The Courier

By William Castle

Few people have led as unusual a life as Scott McClelland.

The sideshow performer has been drinking boiling water, hammering nails into his skull and swallowing razorblades for decades. You probably know him as Nikolai Diablo - the demonic "Ringmonster" of Carnival Diablo, a travelling sideshow McClelland started in 1992.

McClelland is currently preparing for a show that is arguably even wierder then Carnival Diablo - The Paranormal Show. "Not many people these days have taken what we're doing and placed it on a stage in such an unusual manner," McClelland said of his latest spine-tingling theatrical endeavour. The Paranormal Show is, indeed, unlike any other show this reporter has seen. It combines paranormal phenomenon - clairvoyance, psychokenesis and retrocognition, to name a few - with various sideshow feats (one in particular, called the Iron Tongue, puts Gene Simmons to shame).

Of all of the horrifying spectacles The Paranormal Show has to offer, none is as awe-inspiring as the Edison Machine to Talk to the Dead - a device McClelland uses to contact the dead. Words cannot describe the unspeakable terrors unleashed by this seemingly innocuous contraption. "It's absolutely astounding," McClelland said. "It's obviously a little to heavy for normal audiences."

It will change your perception of reality.

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